prejudice among neighbors

in-depth interview data on a sample of Korean merchants in Washington,.C., this article examines mer chants' racial attitudes and reported interactions with African Americans. Many merchants expressed acute anxiety about biracial children, who are said to look strange, suffer from identity problems, and inherit low intelligence: I wouldn't allow. That welfare money comes from my taxes. Archer concluded that the essence of a man is sought in his face whereas that of a woman is sought in her body. In the last analysis, however, talent and skill are relative matters. Evidence from the last three decades suggests that, at best, the evidence is mixed. The traditional phrase for such compensatory behavior is "a credit to his race." note: They are not seen as "exceptional cases because they would return to their stereotypical state if it were not for their keen motivation. The present study draws more extensively on in-depth interview data, addressing Korean merchants' general and specific attitudes toward African Americans, social distance preferences, and reported interactions with black customers.

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Prejudice among neighbors
prejudice among neighbors

This is because it lead to the breadwinner system. As long as we are nice to them, they are good people, too. It would be more convenient where are you going? if the frustrated, unemployed worker could find something or someone less vague to blame. Korean merchants' concerns about social mobility are shaped by their personal socio- economic vulnerability as both immigrants and middleman entrepreneurs. This is a very distorted view of how compensation works. (6MC) Contrary views were expressed by only three merchants, such as the liquor store owner who remarked, "Some Koreans complain that there are no blacks to hire, but if you look hard there are nice blacks who are trustworthy and hardworking" (5LC). The only way the system could be repaired was if all the children cooperated immediately. According to middleman minority theory, immigrant middlemen typically have poor relations with the host population, because of economic competition, cultural differences, and in-group solidarity (Bonacich 1973; Turner and Bonacich 1980; Zenner 1991). "Perceptions of Racial Group Competition: Extend ing Blumer's Theory of Group Position to a Multicultural Social Context." American Socio logical Review 61:951 -972. I wouldn't be able to interact with my daughter-in-law comfortably.

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