delta Joins Major Carrier in Cost Cuts

increased fuel prices. For the full year, Bastian said he expects the company to generate pre-tax earnings of about 5 billion, in line with last year. "We have seen early success in addressing the fuel cost increase and offset two-thirds of the impact in the June quarter he said in a statement. Delta the History of Israels Economy said it now expects its fuel bill to be 2 billion higher this year compared with last year, and slashed its forecast for the year for earnings per share. That means some flights booked for fall travel could be cancelled or shifted to smaller planes. At the start of July, jet fuel topped.5 a barrel,.4 percent increase over last year's price, according to the International Air Transport Association. Delta plans to add premium economy seats to more of its international fleet. Higher fuel costs continue to hamper earnings at Delta Air Lines despite strong revenue growth over the past three months. Kelly Yamanouchi, atlanta, the New York Times News Service.

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Deltas competitors also are face rising fuel costs that could affect their flight plans. The carrier on Thursday said its revenue rose.2 percent.2 billion the Man Who Wears Make - Up for the quarter that ended on June. Net income, however, decreased.6 percent percent to 1 billion. Bastion previously cautioned that ticket costs could also increase as a result of the higher fuel prices. The company reported a 1 billion profit for the second quarter of the year, a 14 per cent decline from its nearly.2 billion quarterly profit a year earlier. UTC Jul 13, 2018. Average fares are up 4 percent from 2017, he said. Bracing for 2 billion in higher fuel costs this year, Delta Air Lines expects to raise fares and trim service, executives said Thursday. The carrier plans to reduce its capacity up to 1 percentage point through the end of the year, according to President Glen Hauenstein.