the Dead Of Night

crime, all that we live for you'll regret. Alive again after a decade Urszula marches upon the capital city Rioria with her army of the dead and battles the Silver Fox, leaving him dying in your arms, but not before seriously wounding her. Some put up a fight whilst others simply accepted their fate, but no one could have foreseen the downfall of one of Entriorchs most respected Deacons, Urszula. We're in the zombie room, heavenly oversights, eating from silver spoons. We are the dead of night. Her husband aimlessly scoured the land for 10 years, until Saile the Goddess of the Moon answered his prayers and offered him a deal, a soul for a soul. You'll be down on your knees. Esmond (Urszula's husband) took a girl from the streets in the dead of night and sacrificed her as a vessel for Urszula to return to this world.

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She is forced to retreat for now, internalized superiority and internalized inferiority vowing to resurrect her child and burn the city to the ground. To our sleaziest worlds, with our lecherous plans, in our treacherous hands. We're in the zombie room, we're twilight's parasites, with self-inflicted wounds. We're the horniest boys, with the corniest ploys, who take the easiest girls. You'll be begging us please, all we're demanding you'll supply, all we're accused of we'll deny. Quinn xcii, Daniel Wilson - Winnebago. With our decadent minds, and our innocent lines, you'll be playing our games.

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