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not trusted by them, he began to help them. Levi recalls one local mans view that he and his fellow people were not even considered humans, rather dogs. Background, in 1935 Carlo Levi a native of Turin, was banished to a remote region in southern Italy. Poet kus, systmov ID : #1172. Levi writes Yes, New York, rather than Rome or Naples would be the real capital of the peasants of Lucania, if these men without a country could have a capital at all. His book "Christ Stopped At Eboli" focuses on his year in the Lucania region and the people he encountered there.

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The southerners were looked upon as inferior citizens. Contents, carlo Levi was a painter and writer, but he also had a degree euthenasia - yes or no? in medicine. He goes on to explain how the idea of a united utopian Italy has been subconsciously ingrained in all of them. He is insinuating that the peasants and people of Lucania have no country which cares for them. They lacked basic goods because there were no shops in the village.

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