the Cause of Arthur Dimmesdales Death in Scarlet Letter

any harsh feelings. Chillingworth then urges the town leadership to insist that Dimmesdale allow Chillingworth to be his medical adviser and accompany Dimmesdale in his residence. But there stood one in the midst of you, at whose brand of sin and infamy ye have not shuddered (174). For example, bizarre thoughts and hallucinations take over him. The A shaped meteor which appears the night Governor Winthrop dies and Dimmesdale stands on the scaffold is a sign from heaven denouncing Dimmesdale as an adulterer and also stand for Angel as the soul of a magistrate that ascends into heaven. His soul aside, he does do good works. During the treatment Chillingworth sees some wound or trouble in Dimmesdale s soul that is contributing to his declining health. For instance, when the two are having the conversation about confession and redemption, they notice Hester and Pearl outside of the house and the doctor remarks that Hester is not a woman who lives with buried sin because she wears her sin openly on her. In Puritan terms, Dimmesdale's predicament is that he is unsure of his soul's status: He is exemplary in performing his duties as a Puritan minister, an indicator that he is one of the elect; however, he knows he has sinned and considers himself a hypocrite. For Dimmesdale, however, his effectiveness betrays his desire to confess. He dug into the poor clergyman s heart, like a miner searching for gold; or, rather, like a sexton delving a grave, possibly in quest of a jewel that had been buried on the dead man s bosom, but likely to find nothing save morality.

Khan claims that Roger Chillingworth poisoned Arthur Dimmesdale.
There is even more evidence in the Scarlet Letter that reputes.
Kahn #8217;s idea of atropine poisoning as the cause of Dimmesdale #8217;s death.
One could say that Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale is poisoned, or that he merely died of guilty conscience.

In the long run, Dimmesdale has not the strength of Hester Prynne or her honesty. The Struggle for the Soul of Arthur Dimmesdale introduction. This is the climax point, where these two men become enemies and the secret unfolds. While Hester flourishes into a servant of God, Dimmesdale struggles to confess throughout the show more content, envying Hester for her courage, he says, "Happy are you Hester, that wear the scarlet letter openly upon your bosom!" (188).

However, Hester does not divulge any information. There is no doubt that he is devoted to God, passionate in his religion, and effective in the pulpit. His congregation expects him to be above other mortals, and his life and thoughts must exist on a higher spiritual plane than others. Let us consider the scene where Hester and Pearl are confronted by Bellingham, Wilson, Chillingworth, and Dimmesdale (Hawthorne 113). Accordingly, his wonderful sermons are applauded by all for a reason his listeners don't understand: Sin and agony have enabled the intellectual scholar-minister to recognize and empathize with other sinners. As a minister, Dimmesdale has a voice that consoles and an ability to sway audiences. The well-known model of good. The more he whips himself, the more eloquent he is on Sunday and the more his congregation worships his words. In an attempt to seek salvation, he fasts until he faints and whips himself on the shoulders until he bleeds. The Struggle for the Soul of Arthur Dimmesdale or any similar topic specifically for you. Roger Chillingworth continuously attempts to influence Dimmesdale only into the path of destruction and evil.

the Cause of Arthur Dimmesdales Death in Scarlet Letter

Kahns theory that Dimmesdale is poisoned by atropine is false, and Dimmesdale s death is caused by a prolonged depression brought on by guilt.
Character Analysis Arthur Dimmesdale.