eU Issues and Cyprus Acession

in the messy politics of the island. This achievement acquires even more importance in view of the fact that since 1974 Cyprus has had to face critical problems. It enjoys no international recognition - the peace process is at a standstill. As Cyprus is facing up to tough economic challenges, the forthcoming years will put relationships between the two sides to, perhaps, its most difficult test yet.". Disclaimer: All opinions in this column reflect the views of the author(s not of M Ltd. The Commission points out that because of the refusal of the Turkish Cypriot community to send representatives to the negotiations the analysis of the acquis could not cover the whole island. Interestingly, Turkish-Cypriots are also frustrated with the EU, which, they think, failed to come up to their expectations for many benefits in reward of their pro-Annan vote. A viable solution could, among other things, serve as a precedent for peaceful coexistence of different ethnic and religious groups within one state, while at the same time it could promote stability, security, and cooperation in the vital area of the eastern Mediterranean and beyond. This is the view of the European Union institutions, which encourage a peaceful solution, as well as participation by the northern part of the island in the accession process, which should benefit the whole island.

The European Union and the Cyprus Problem 19612003: Middle

eU Issues and Cyprus Acession

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Ironically enough, the EU became an important reason for Greek-Cypriots to reject the UN Plan: having safeguarded their accession as the Republic of Cyprus, the EU gave them no motive to contribute to a solution before accession. According to O'Malley and Graig, the United States seemed to favor the partition of the island between Greece and Turkey with a view to maintaining the cohesion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's southern flank, and plans with this aim were discussed at the highest. With a view to the Helsinki European Council, the Commission submitted a new report on Cyprus' progress towards accession on The next regular report of the Commission is expected on 8 November 2000. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Mediterranean Quarterly.1 (2003) 42-66, access article tHE CAUSATIONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION in PDF, andreas Theophanous. On the other hand, an unworkable arrangement might lead to destabilization in the area, with further complications. However, this is just one more milestone in the often troubled partnership between the Mediterranean island and the. On the other hand, the benefits of European integration appealed to the Turkish-Cypriots, who supported reunification- they only way for them to join the EU as partners to a federal state with the Greek-Cypriots.

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