the Effects of Smoking

You can expect all of these things to happen to your body as a smoker: Sagging skin: Smoking ruins collagen and causes the skin to sag. The lungs do work in trying to get rid of this toxic build up by pushing up tar and other constituents up the bronchiole pipe, and this travels further up the trachea. The lungs respond to the damage caused by tobacco smoke by producing more mucus and phlegm, which makes a smoker need to cough. This can only be fixed with surgery.

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Its the second to last before you run out. Given the fact that Spies strikes among the first central nervous system or the smoke can remain for life with disabilities, or even to fatal end. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Cigarette smoking has been recognised as a significant cause of copd. Its time to call it quits. A man looks exhausted, tired and sluggish. Deeper wrinkles: Everyone gets wrinkles, but smokers will the World of Boxing experience more wrinkles and they will be deeper than the wrinkles nonsmokers get. Even if you eat 100 healthy (which, lets face it, is not happening) and you work out every day of the week (funny! Medical research finally discovered a link between smoking and lung cancer in 1950 (Br Medical Journal Smoking.

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