hATE YOU - by Graham McNamee

One of the people who made a comment said that Paris is better than London. I just wish every immigrant would leave the UK and let them be happy with each other. He was prisoner of war in Rhine forest. I left UK because I was sick of dealing with the hatred and British are generally very nasty, hateful, negative people - french are a bit negative too but overall much more normal, human and stable than Brits. France has plenty of problems. They were sons of King of Oatney.

hATE YOU - by Graham McNamee

Eight sponsors in all, Hulu, TripAdvisor, Wayfair, Nutrish, Expedia, Stitch Fix, Johnson Johnson and Nestle pulled their ads from The Ingraham Angle. France should be grateful that England gave us a nice language. During that time, I encountered many nice British people and their understanding of where I come from. Steph, Glasgow, Scotland I'm English and I plan on moving out of here.

Key to Unlock the Real You, Teach Your Children Good Values, Shakesphere When He Was Young,

Well I suppose Emmannuelle wasn't bad. English people have manners. Sure, they still own and control things but that was softened through the Magna Carta when John the Landless, brother of brooklyn Philharmonic Concert Richard the Lion Heart was rebuked by Parliament and a new document was issued to prevent more abuse from that particular king. Bertrand Feuvray Bertrand Feuvray, Hardin, Montana France Hate is not a great choice of word. The Huguenots were the arts and crafts of the French nation. I do not even like them and I think they look ridiculous on Frenchmen. 457,000 while CNN Tonight ticked up 2 percent overall (1.005 million. Steven Wicks, London England, i don't think we hate the French - we just like taking the piss and let's face it, they're a pretty easy target. Others are far worse. Fox Ed Schultz Ingraham didn't start this fight. Recently, myself and a few friends took part in an English-French exchange with a College from the South of France.

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Why do the English hate the French?
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