holes by Louis Sachar

/ behavior: Date: _ Teacher Name: _ Group Chapter: #33 Pages: 185-187 Summary: Stanley walked toward where he thought the big thumb would. (Rex) Possible thing to write about in their journals: How did it help Stanley to imagine getting revenge on the bully? She josephs Shadow Similar to Christ finds Sam and they attempt an escape across the lake in Sam's rowboat, but Walker and the mob intercept them with Walker's motorboat, ramming the smaller vessel and sinking. Yelnats (Stanley Yelnats III) :. He passed many holes, and he looked in them. (There has to be some water for weeds to grow and bugs to live) How long did it take Zero to figure out the word L-U-N-C-H? (There is no water for 100 miles, there is no place they could.).

As Stanley pulls it out of the hole, the Warden thanks him. The story of how Stanley really got the sneakers is explained. That night, Stanley gets a letter from his mother, and Zero asks about it, and doesnt seem to understand what Stanley says. He says he doesnt, but he blames everything bad on the curse and bad luck.) Who did Stanleys family blame for everything that went wrong? He begins to write a letter to his Mom as if it were a real camp. He is an inventor and quite smart, but extremely unlucky. (He was an inventor) Even though Stanleys family had bad luck, how did they act? Elya met and married a woman in America, and they translated the song into English. (rattlesnake hunters) Was he crazy? Typically he is noted as the character that hardly speaks due to the fact that he is wary of those who mock him. After he fell in love with the woman in Latvia, he travels to America, forgetting to go through with the promise he made to an old woman named Madame Zeroni.