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Overall, 62 say that if marijuana were legal it would bother them if people used it in public; just 33 say this would not bother them. In particular, GW Pharmaceuticals' drug reduced seizure frequency in Dravet syndrome patients by 39 from the baseline. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy. If the marijuana industry were just one-third the size of the wine industry, it would generate 50,000 jobs and.4 billion in wages, along with additional income and business tax revenues for the state. I dont want her to try this.

40 of prison population).4 million Felony prosecution, court probation (est. Another spinoff industry of note would be industrial hemp, which California used to grow in the Delta and Imperial Valley. Updated October 2009.

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There are also concerns that outdoor marijuana grow farms may adversely affect the local environment, including wildlife. Total retail sales of marijuana could be on the order of 3-5 billion, with total economic impact of 12-18 billion including spinoff industries such as coffeehouses, tourism, plus industrial hemp. Adjusted for population, California's share would come to 400 million -.5 billion. While California struggles to address the state's swelling budget deficit, the legalization of marijuana looms as an attractive way of raising revenue for the state. Marijuana Legalization Could Yield California Taxpayers. Need for camp helicopter surveillance would also be eliminated. According to the, uS Dept of Health Human Services samhsa 2007 survey of drug use,.95 million Californians admit to having used marijuana in the past month. 8500 felony prosecutions (2008 SF DA's office est. Arrest costs based on report by State Office of Narcotics and Drug Abuse to the Cal. A higher tax of 50 per ounce (roughly 1 per half-gram joint) would yield around million, about the same as California's current excise tax on cigarettes.

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