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hemp and marijuana come from the same plant.1 Opponents also say that other raw materials are more economical than industrial hemp, which has been disproved on more. This is the same with marijuana. Have you ever passed by a store window that displayed hemp purses, clothing, or other products for sale? It consistently sustains its marketability and profitability. Although there is no other way to bypass the bad effects of smoking right now, alternative means to deliver marijuana such as aerosol inhalers are being developed.

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Marijuana Legalization 2 Essay, Research Paper. You could not get a high if you smoked a bale of hemp, but it s still illegal to grow it in the.S. Others want marijuana, and all other forms of it (Hemp to remain illegal. This form of addiction is the same type experienced by people who watch too much television, or eat too much food. Marijuana: What's the Difference? Some people use these as reasons to protest the medicine marijuana can produce. Hemp hurds are often used to restore and build houses in France, where approximately 10,000 tons of industrial hemp is harvested annually. However industrial hemp has only minute amounts of delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC the psychoactive ingredient that gives marijuana its euphoric and medicinal properties (norml About Hemp). This puts money directly into the hands of evil drug lords. DuPont, of the National Institute of Mental Health (nimh insists that regular marijuana is dangerous, and that patients should receive their treatments in the form of capsulized Marinol. This year, the deaths from the cartels is already up to 3500.

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