oliver Stone, Get Your Facts Straight!

the book, when Stone is talking (admiringly) about casting Lopez in 1997s U Turn, he says,.Lo had just been in Money Train Until we read that sentence, we hadnt stopped to consider that. Stone has very strong opinions about his actors. When revisiting, wall Street, he says he made the original mistake: Sean Young wouldve been better in Daryl Hannahs role.

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We spoke with Seitz this week, and asked him to react to some of the honest Stone moments that honestly took us by theological Baggage surprise. To American rock music in the background. Its fair to say drugs come up now and then in Stones story. You know, I do, too. In reality, Manzarek tells the producers that they will change the words. It is an emotional scene that has Jim asking the other Doors to stay at the party because he doesn t know what could happen tonight, maybe death. My Life with The Doors. Hes a pretty good sport about it, but he feels like it set him back. The Sullivan Show s producers inform the band that the word higher cannot be used on network.V.

He made the trippy The Doors and the even-trippier Natural Born Killers. In addition to all the anti-Semitism Stone placed in the film, he also had Kilmer mi"ng Friedrich Nietzsche.

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