the 9 Stages of Divine Vision

of Consciousness album, the tracks to pick out are La Vita Fugge, Through the Eyes of God, Shades and Out of the Maze - those songs kill both live and on the regular. The Secret Of Life (alternative version). New Eden. . La Vita Fugge. . Identities. . The entire DVD is very professional done; pictures and sound are at a very high quality. As extra feature there are four live tracks from the first two Vision Divine CDs and an alternate take of The Secret of Life plus photo gallery and Interviews with all members. Shades. .

The first thing I will do tomorrow is to hunt down the new album from Vision Divine called The Perfect Machine. The band performs the entire Stream of Consciousness album, just like Fates Warning and Queensrche did with A Pleasant Shade of Gray and Operation: Mindcrime. Versions Of The Same. . Out Of The Maze. . The Secret Of Life. . Release date: September 12th 2005, label: Scarlet Records, provided by: Scarlet Records, website:. The Fall Of The Reason. . Its great that small bands like Vision Divine gets the chance to make DVDs, thumbs up to Scarlet Records.