the History of Israels Economy

Syria and Iran targeted, because the two governments supply the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, which has twice driven Israel out of Israels attempted occupation of southern Lebanon, whose water resources Israel covets. If a Mossad operative is caught in enemy territory, its a huge disaster, and falls straight on the prime ministers head. His death hurt Hamas terribly. Cctv footage released by the Dubai police regarding the Mabhouh assassination.

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So he says, its not worth it, and he opts to put aside the benefits and quit, and go back to whatever he did before, say, teaching in the Al-Hussein university in Teheran. Then, he was considered the outstanding pilot of the IAF. They can make sure that they achieve their goals with intelligence and special operations and not by turning to statesmanship and political discourse. I worked on an intelligence base not far from here, in Glilot. Remember where we were: this was before the US started using targeted killing after 9/11. Because that September, in Casablanca, there was an Arab League summit. The stories of his screams from that Stasi-controlled hospital in Berlin spread all over. It slowed the Iranian nuclear program. So in retrospect, similarly, you wouldnt have killed Sheikh Yassin, because antigne vs. Susan B Anthony it opened the door to Iran?

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