the General Purpose of Central Intelligence Agency

Service and the FBI were "aware of the activities of this women in judaism group and are watching them closely.". The cable stated further: OIJ is still holding Duran but the decision to try him is pending. Gary Chase, responsible for CIA's crimes reports to DoJ between 19, states that he is not familiar with the February 11, 1982 Smith letter and had not seen the 1982 letter prior to 1997. Allegation also surfaced in evening news and has received some play here. In 1990, a new round of press accounts, published in connection with a Costa Rican Public Ministry report on the bombing, identified Vidal and Hull as the masterminds behind the plot and said that the official report had called for charging the two with murder.

The owner stated that she understood that Terrell did some very mysterious things and that it was possible that he had been forced to run and hide owing to his peculiar situation vis-a-vis international affairs. 12333 stated that heads of departments and agencies in the Intelligence Community should: Report to the Attorney General possible violations of federal criminal laws by employees and of specified federal criminal laws by any other person as provided in procedures agreed upon by the Attorney.

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On January 21, 1987, adci Robert Gates provided Morton Abramowitz, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, with a Memorandum that had been prepared by CIA to address all allegations then known to CIA regarding alleged Contra/drug trafficking connections. A September 1984 cable to Headquarters, based on indirect information from Fernando Chamorro, alleged that Gonzalez had used several flights to Costa Rica from Panama to carry cocaine along with the communications gear he was transporting for the arde. Are there student internship programs or scholarships? About ties between John Hull and Frank Castro, who has a reputation among Cuban-Americans as an anti-Communist, a right-wing terrorist, and a drug trafficker. According to a January 1986 Headquarters cable, CIA informed him when urging Cesar to join with UNO in January 1986 that he would have to divest BOS of drug-related "baggage specifically Adolfo Chamorro. Clarridge, the MFR reported, discussed CIA's assistance to the 1984 DEA sting operation. A July 1987 exchange of cables between Headquarters and a Central American Station, while not citing the memorandum, did cite Gates' prohibition against using suspected letter from Sir George Buchanan drug traffickers. Central America and the Caribbean Map. While Allende was in office, the 40 Committee approved the redirection of Track I operations thatcombined with a renewed effort to support the PDC in 1971 and a project to provide support to the National Party and Democratic Radical Party in 1972funneled millions of dollars. According to the telegram: While Manglapus was in exile in the United States, he was associated with the Center for Development Policy. The OGC attorney who served as Makowka's deputy in 1982 remembers being told by senior attorneys in OGC that there was a distinction made for reporting narcotics violations under.O.

The General Purpose of Central Intelligence Agency
the General Purpose of Central Intelligence Agency

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