is science bad or good?

Caesar, who believe that technology led to the decadence of the old world, prohibiting any weapons that do not require infantry and medicine beyond tribal remedies (stating that those who depend on such are weak and deserved. In order to combat an epidemic that's killing the world's children, scientists create a strain of mutant cockroach. Literature In the first two books of the Divergent series, most of the bad guys come from the Erudite faction, the faction for scientists and knowledge-seekers. George Bernard Shaw, most writers are not scientists. Stephen Jay Gould wrote one essay as a good-natured correction to people who thought Frankenstein was based around this, pointing out that while Shelley admits that being too excessive in a pursuit is usually a bad thing, all her examples were political. Reed's a perfect example, as he's often portrayed as the most cold and calculating of the Fantastic Four. With the surprising exception of the Mel Brooks parody Young Frankenstein, in which the eponymous scientist succeeds where his ancestor failed by accepting his creation like a loving father. Wells, a socialist, was not arguing against technology but against the exploitation of the working class in Victorian England. Saruman even mentions his slogan in book two: " Knowledge, Rule, Order!" All the while, Gandalf warns against swerving from the "path of Wisdom".

Is science bad or good?
is science bad or good?

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White Wolf 's Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mage: The Ascension. Similar to "SatAM" Sonic Sat AM below is Sonic. Invention of Love has Steampunk technology in a "too much of a good thing" sense. The Lord of the Rings The trope is played straight in the opposition between Saruman (Science/Knowledge) and Gandalf (Wisdom). Use it to make a theme park. Build always rejects these speeches by pointing out that science is simply a means to an end, and that it can accomplish great things in the right hands (as opposed to the wrong hands namely, the villains. The fundamentalist faction also rails against the (unrighteous) use of technology, though their leader Miriam is not a Luddite, rather fearing that humanity will lose control of their creations. Anderson, having essentially an internet hookup directly into your brain lets you look up anything instantly, so no one ever bothers to really learn or remember anything, becoming imbeciles with the attention span of gnats. You know, what's going on we can't use our brains: It's being a person. The New Gods represent different facets of America's modern, technologically advanced culture, but for a while we are led to sympathize more for the primitive and seemingly more benevolent Old Gods. At one year old, however, these mice have Abeta plaques, as well as a decrease in spine density due to the effect of Abeta, which is known to be neurotoxic. However, this is the point of every film adaptation of the story, which almost always deliver an Anvilicious Aesop.

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