the Different Symbolism of Escapein The Glass Menagerie

they face in a modern world. . The fact is that Tom is close t losing his job at the warehouse, has decided to become a merchant seaman, yet really wants to be a writer. At the end of the play, however, Tom admits that he has been pursued by the memory of his sister's fragile existence. However I don't see that the stage directions as such has any real influence on the escape theme. Next, the chandeliers which create rainbow reflections at the Dance Hall can be seen as foreshadowing for the dance between Jim and Laura, which gives Laura hope that her problems are solved. Especially symbolic is Lauras fall when descending the steps to do a chore for her mother, after leaving the security of the apartment. Jim has faced the fact that he has not achieved the success everyone in high school expected of him, but he believes that he can still capture.

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Similarly, in her brief time with Jim, during which they talk, dance, and kiss, Laura apparently feels less "freakish". Tennessee Williams generally uses symbolism in the play to deepen our understanding of characters and to emphasis the plays themes. Symbolism Of Illusion In The Glass Menagerie Internet. And finally the main symbols for stage sounds are the Glass menagerie music, paradise dance hall music (PDH) and Lauras Victorola. Williams does this through his eloquent use of symbolism. She believes that if she makes Laura look pretty and attractive, if she alters one of her old dresses to wear herself, shines up the three remaining pieces of wedding silver, recovers the furniture, gets a new lamp, and if she herself plays the role. When he cannot put the coat on properly, he becomes frustrated with his clumsiness, and throws it across the room, breaking some of the glass collection.

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