aristotles Views on Politics

For a further discussion of this topic, see the following supplementary document: Supplement: Characteristics and Problems of Aristotle's Politics Aristotle has continued to influence thinkers up to the present throughout the political spectrum, including conservatives (such as the South American Celebrities Hannah Arendt, Leo Strauss, and Eric Voegelin communitarians. Whether Aristotle understands the common advantage as safeguarding the interests of each and every citizen has a bearing on whether he anticipates what moderns would understand as a theory of individual rights. You look at people, want to be like that, then you. Only someone as different from other people as the body is from the soul or beasts are from human beings would be a slave by nature, Aristotle concludes, all others being slaves solely by law or convention. Those are a few epistemological questions that may be pondered about by many people throughout ones life. Introduction to Political Thinkers. Politics spans the Bekker sections 1252a to 1342b.

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aristotles Views on Politics

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With habits (habits) courage, self control, you first engage in the actions. Aristotle thus understands politics as a normative or prescriptive discipline rather than as a purely empirical or descriptive inquiry. The highest form of community is the polis. Therefore one cannot claim that sensations provide sure knowledge for human beings. Aristotle is persuasive when he argues that children need adult supervision because their rationality is imperfect ( ateles ) or immature. Its population, territory, position etc. All of the citizens will hold political office and possess private property because one should call the city-state happy not by looking at a part of it but at all the citizens.

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