united States of Guns!

felons in large urban counties. Here is a Yale study showing that cultural links are the biggest factor in predicting homicides: Yale Study Shows Culture the biggest factor in Homicide (2013). Hispanics were next at 27 percent. In case of illicit possession of firearms, the maximum penalty will be seven years prison and a fine in France while in Norway the maximum penalty would only be 3 months. That is the case for Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Italy which respectively occupy the third place, the fourth place, the fifth place, the seventh place and the ninth place.

Japan has extreme gun control and extremely low murder rates.  But any debate seems already solved before it even takes place. Where does that lead us? The.52 per 100,000 murder rate is right in the middle of the murder rate of developed European countries. Overall, the community's five-year homicide rate was.7 per 100,000 people, which was still much higher than the averages of other areas of Chicago (14.7 per 100,000).

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As a result, the. The shooting that occurred on July 20th in Aurora, Colorado has brought the question over gun control in the United States back on the front page. No doubt, some of these cultures also have very low murder rates, but without data, we cannot separate them out. Such a restrictive policy has made its mark. When the subject is gun control, those who demand more for the United States always point to Europe. European countries promote strict gun control laws at home. Update: Murder victims in DC support the hypothesis, given that the vast majority of murder is intraracial: In fact, white residents face a lower homicide victim rate in the District than the nation as a whole.

United States of Guns!
united States of Guns!