robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe

in England, in the city of York, in 1632. Rose wants to be a doctor. I don't understand his ideas.

The book was published in 1719. Look up the information in the table and write sentences. 9 What do you have to do in the classroom? Meanwhile, on Mr Bigs island. To the best of our knowledge, the text of this work is in the, public Domain in Australia. We dont have any pets, so I dont have to take a dog for a walk or feed a cat. In the middle of that twenty-fourth year he rescued a native about to be eaten by cannibals who were using his island for a place of feasting.

He keeps the capsule in here. 20 Discuss in groups. The sky was black and there was a flash of lightning. Crusoe saves the captain of the ship and his men from the pirates and they take him back to England. A film director, a pop star, a footballer and a criminal live in different parts of the island. Crusoe named this man Friday, after the day of his rescue.