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applicant success?, written by Jacqueline Gilbert and Bette Ann Stead, includes the results of experiments conducted at two universities. Johnson in 1972 (Gilbert. Board of Education 1954:The naacp filed on behalf of a black student, Linda Brown, who was transported out of her white neighborhood to attend a black school in Topeka, Kansas. Florida and California have also replaced racial"s with class rank and other programs. Furthermore they discuss strategies that will help to insure that a diversity management program is successful. So that means, for example, let s say your neighborhood is 60 women and 40 men, 50 White, 25 Hispanic, 20 Black and 5 Asian. Texas, : m.3d 932 (5th Cir.1996) 1996 : (first successful legal challenge to racial preferences in student admissions since "Regents of the University of California.

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These programs, however, will not work if they only exist in one part of shaping Self: A Push - Pull an organization. Seattle School District. Farmer proposed that a program that he called Compensatory Preferential Treatment should be put in place in order to advance the equality of the black race. Individual American states (such as Missouri, California, Washington and Michigan) also have orders that prohibit discrimination and outline affirmative action requirements with regard to race, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender, age, and disability status. However, since people have a tendency to work around people that are most like us, programs are needed to ensure that past discriminatory actions are corrected. The top-10 rule is also only helpful because schools are still highly racially segregated. First of all, the demographics and the socioeconomic factors in the neighborhood where the organization is based primarily control affirmative action. Class rank tends to benefit top students at less competitive high schools, to the detriment of students at more competitive high schools.

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