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published August 24, 1998, accessed March 9, 2007. 44 Mark Calaway ( professional wrestler better known as The Undertaker On April 17, 2014, rumors claimed that Callaway was found dead in his New Mexico home. 211 A number of newspapers also published his alleged farewell poem, but Mrquez denied being the author of the piece and even went as far as to say that he was upset that people could think he wrote something so tacky. Harding: He Wont Overdo It on What Would Be His Last Trip June 11, history of Wirless 1923 Bookmark Warren. 60 Hillary Clinton : On September 11, 2016, wabc-TV television news reported that the American politician had died. Rock Musician Bob Seger, was the subject of a false obituary, after he was confused with folk music veteran Pete Seeger Saif al-Islam Gaddafi (son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi ) Although it was widely reported at the time that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi had. Kennedy, Shot in Los Angeles, Lay Dying June 05, 1968 Bookmark Quintessential 1968 Reagan Speech: Hes Sick about RFKs Assassination, About Lawlessness, About Blame June 05, 1968 Bookmark Reagan Promises To Work for Nomination-Foe Nixon in 68 : We Havent Too Many More Chances.

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Misidentified body : when a corpse is misidentified as someone else, often someone who was involved in the same incident or who happened to go missing at the same time. Impostor : when an ordinary person who for years has passed himself off to family and friends as a retired minor celebrity dies, it can prompt an erroneous obituary for the real (but still living) celebrity. Includes text of iNewswire press release and Google News summary "Teacher mistakenly reported dead", Associated Press (cited on m May 5, 2006. Kennedy Knew How To Fly: His 1944 Flight Logbook May 19, 1944 Bookmark Early John. Two months later, Wikipedia again listed Jericho as passing away in June 2014. Professor John Nicholas Peregrine Horden, a Fellow of All Souls' College Oxford. Zadeh : Zadeh, an Iranian-Azerbaijani mathematician and computer scientist was incorrectly reported to have died in August 2017. "NBC News Mistakenly Reports the Death of 'Astronaut Neil Young. 24 Mayim Bialik : according to the 2008 book Truth and Rumors: The Reality Behind TV's Most Famous Myths, Bialik was once the subject of a premature obituary. "Russia's opposition journalist Arkady Babchenko shot dead in Kiev". "Golpe: at matar o Youssef eles tentam!". ai_n14286524 Anderson,.: "Obituary: Friedrich Gulda" Archived January 10, 2016, at the Wayback Machine., The Independent, February 2, 2000 (the obituary upon Gulda's actual death) "Paper posthumously honors living man" Archived June 27, 2009, at the Wayback Machine., m, November 23, 2005.