story Analysis in The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

after a years-long search by her mother, finally been located, sadly, within weeks. June is scared that the old mothers won't like her and that she won't fit in the club. You can see your character in your face, Lindo tells her daughter. Though she grew up with many privileges, Ying-Ying learned early on that women are expected to keep their hopes and desires to themselves-secondary to men's. Chapter 4, a long time ago Ying-ying stopped being true to herself. Born into a wealthy family, she is a spirited child who nearly drowns when she is four.

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The Life of Pi (religious story)

What is seen through one pair of eyes is played back through anothers; each time more is learned. Lindo Jong describes how she used superstition to escape her arranged marriage to a sour, spoiled boy and his controlling mother while preserving her family's honor. The daughters tend to see their mothers as old-fashioned, overbearing, out-of-touch, and even threatening. To the degree that the daughters fear their mothers disapproval, the mothers fear they will slip from their daughters lives unseen, unremembered, the precious thread of connection severed by their sour-faced daughters cool American disregard. A second set of stories focuses on An-mei, who lives with her grandmother because her mother has been disowned. Unable to tell her domineering mother-in-law the truth, she devises a clever plan and is released from her marriage honorably. She wants to encourage Lena to speak up for herself. When Waverly realizes she has never stopped rebelling and that Lindo is not her enemy, her life becomes her own. The moms are filled with old-fashioned wisdom, while their daughters' lives are more modern and involve complications their mothers never dreamed. The difficulties in marriage encountered by Lindo and Ying-ying as well as by An-meis mother emphasize how few options were open to women in a tightly structured society in which their economic security and social standing were completely dependent on men. The daughters have grown up with the American sensibility for individualism, where the family and tradition carry less weight.

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