the Tibetan Mountains, Called Shangri - La

the hill tending right to avoid the cliff, once on the ridge head north to the summit where there are lots of tibetan prayer flags. Org at the bottom unesco, also try the unesco World Heritage Site Web site (click the site you want). The store may be closed with the neighboring shopkeepers saying the owners went out to the bars. The restaurant staff are former residents from the Children Charity Tendol Gyalzur in both Shangrila/Gyalthang and Duilong/Lhasa.

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the Tibetan Mountains, Called Shangri - La

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Public bus edit Destinantion Price Departures (HH:MM) Duration (HH:MM) Comments Last Update Deqin.00 07:20, 08:20, 09:20, 12:00 5-9:00 Depending On Weather Departure times vary but are before noon Xiangcheng.00 08:00? Edit The city is famous for Tibetan jewelry, yak tails, Nixi pottery, Yi lacquerware, Dried matsutake mushroom and Tibetan medicinal herbs. Tangka painting is linked to religion, not purely traditional painting. It might be possible to enter without a ticket after 5pm: walk past the ticket office entrance and turn right, go up the asphalt road. By the end of 2014 rebuilding had started and tourism started to come back. The eight-hour trip from Chengdu to Kandling cost about. Our first proper experience into the Tibetan culture, Shangri La is filled with captivating temples and monasteries, prayer flags flapping in the wind and well-dressed people smiling at every corner. Local Tibetan Buddhists worship it as a sacred mountain. There aren't any restaurants or hotels nearby, only small stores that provide snack foods. Some thing Mount Jambeyang-an impressive peak in the area-was the inspiration for Mount Karakal. Air conditioning (cold/hot bathroom with hot shower and wc, TV, free Internet access (cable or wifi) in room. Xiancheng - bus to Xiancheng departs at 8:00.

Edit The Shangri-La Yak Cheese Shop, Shambala Old Street, Yi Ruo Mu Lang 18 B-4, Old Town, 19 B-4 (In Shambala Old Street. Set around a large courtyard, you have options of either sleeping in a dorm, a private room or camping on the grounds.