america, Land of the Free?

to Caesar in French language versions of George Orwells Animal Farm. We have rights iIlusory Handgun Safety in our country that many others do not have. Report Post The patriot act America is not the land of the free. Yes they came here undocumented, but who knew what they were going through? Report Post, where is freedom? USA has invaded 77 countries since WW1. Report Post Load More Arguments Related Opinions Comments (0). None of that is true. People have the word "free" blown away out of proportion, they think they should be free to do whatever they want but, that is simply not true, we are a civilized nation of laws, rules, regulations and guidelines. Oh wait so does Autrailia, not to mention an 18 minimum wage. So what it might have freedom now but it was a land of slavery Lets not forget that america enslaved black people it is not a land of freedom it never has been in my opinion americans are getting ahead of themselves calling america the.

Free Will - Anthem
Vision of Race in America, author Shelby Steele
African American

The USA is the true land of the free and I hope to come over (legally on a work visa) soon. In the perspective of that era and the author. We have the freedom of choice when it comes to many things such as voicing your opinion, who you vote for, and even where you work. Yes, America is still very free. Yeah it may be hard, but life isn't easy people! And if you're unlucky enough to be of an ethnicity (mainly Hispanic, and definitely Black you might as well go jump in a lake. Further proving their egotism, ketchup is allowed once a week - but only on Freedom fries. They may be wanting to get money to support their dying mother, and for pickles-sakes, get off your butts and go find a job! You need an 800 permit to feed the homeless. It is the land of the free. In 1983, Ronald Regan gave his famous "evil empire" speech.

In the decade since Sept.
11, 2001, this country has comprehensively reduced civil liberties in the name of an expanded security state.
America is not the land of the free.
It is controlled by special interests and corporations that make it a point to not let folks get ahead in life.
The system is designed to enslave the average person to be a worker in a cookie cutter life.