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beautiful thrush song, respect for the true, untouchable past in the "St. Clement's Dane" rhyme, and freedom and hope in the passion with which the prole woman sings while hanging her laundry. Through Winston's memories of his world War I: Nationalism mother and the contrast between how she cared for him and his sister and the average Party family is striking. It is important to remember that Orwell based 1984 on the facts as he knew them; hunger, shortages, and repression actually happened as a result of the extreme governmental policies of these countries. Charrington's house sing while she works. In 1984, Orwell creates a technologically advanced world in which fear is used as a tool for manipulating and controlling individuals who do not conform to the prevailing political orthodoxy. In such regimes, notions of personal rights and freedoms and individual thought are pulverized under the all-powerful hand of the government.

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By combining traits from both the Soviet Union's and Germany's totalitarian states, Orwell makes clear that he is staunchly against any form of governmental totalitarianism, either from the left or the right of the political spectrum. Oceanian society presents a clear dichotomy in living conditions. Even worse, children commonly report their parents to the Thought Police, placing the Party above the lives of their mother and father. Some Party organizations even advocate complete abstinence and procreation only through artificial insemination. In the last scene of the novel, Winston finally comes to love Big Brother, and his transition from split loyalties to a greater single loyalty to the Party is complete. The buildings the proles live in are decaying, and the city of London is filled with bombed-out ruins. As cadburry Schweppes they stand next to each other surveying the landscape, a small thrush begins to sing next to them.

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