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Upon satisfying a drive the drive's strength is reduced. Incentive theory in psychology treats motivation and behavior of the individual as they are influenced by beliefs, such as engaging in activities that are expected to be profitable. 42 Men naturally have more testosterone than women do and so are more likely than women to think about sex. In theory X organizations, employees work on a stick to the purpose basis, and performance appraisal is considered very vital in overall mechanisms of control and remuneration. Achievement motivation can be measured by The Achievement Motivation Inventory, which is based on this theory and assesses three factors (in 17 separated scales) relevant to vocational and professional success. For true engagement to occur in a company you must first remove the issues that cause dissatisfaction the baseline benefits offered by the company that satisfy the hygiene needs of the employee. 1 Social psychological research has indicated that extrinsic rewards can lead to overjustification and a subsequent reduction in intrinsic motivation. A student who blames their test failure on the teacher would be using the interpersonal perspective, and would use their feeling of disappointment as motivation to rely on a different study source other than the teacher for the next test. "Schooling and Traditional Collaborative Social Organization of Problem Solving by Mayan Mothers and Children". A Theory of Achievement Motivation (6.).

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Motivated workers are more productive. "Children's motivation for reading: Domain specificity and instructional influences". 8 Natural theories edit The natural system assumes that people have higher order needs, which contrasts with the rational theory that suggests people dislike work and only respond to rewards and punishment. Exercising can ease anxiety and relieve negative effects of stress on the body. It simplifies the field of motivation and allows findings from one theory to be translated into terms of another. Employees should be given opportunities to contribute to organizational well-being. Quite a few organizations use Theory X today. 67 Their research showed that business managers who were successful demonstrated a high need to achieve no matter the culture. If an individual believes they could have performed better, they may be less motivated to try again in the future than someone who believes they failed because of factors outside of their control. Herzberg's two-factor theory edit Main article: Two-factor theory Two-factor theory Frederick Herzberg 's two-factor theory concludes that certain factors in the workplace result in job satisfaction, but if absent, they don't lead to dissatisfaction but no satisfaction.