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then I have to as well. But because of that, many members of society influences on Maya Angelous Life link certain stereotypes of male teenagers to me because I show long hair. Many people in different generations sincerely believe that all teenagers are up to no good, and are guaranteed trouble no matter where they are. City paraphernalia, you know how its super-lame to wear a bands t-shirt to their concert? Step outside your comfort zone. Some things were good, most were bad, but all had one thing in common: They were sweeping generalizations overarching assumptions that ascribe a specific set of characteristics to all people of a certain culture. Remember americans here are defined as citizens of the United States. If we see a teen, we only tend to get this thought first. However, that raises the question, why does society take in all of these stereotypes and live all of their lives believing false statements? Early Native Americans observed the behavior of animals to learn how to hunt and survive in undeveloped land, similar to what other hunter/gatherer societies did. The United States has one of the highest death rates caused by firearms in the developed world. Talking about how awesome we are.

Otherwise known as stereotypes. In reality, there are several statistics that illustrate a decline in teenage drug abuse, alcoholism, and teenage pregnancy, yet stereotypes still exist (Poole). As a whole, the term laziness is difficult to define. This will come across as sacrilege to college campuses far and wide, but the thing is, this popular brand is only popular among Americans. Having these pre-conceived positive notions of qualities that people of certain cultures or ethnicities are supposed to possess only places undue pressure on those who dont measure.

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Heres the thing: If we static Electricity want to celebrate Native culture, we must respect. 77 percent have a high school degree, and although only 13 percent have a bachelors degree, this percentage has doubled within the last ten years. Loud, obnoxious, rebellious, out of control, and up to no good these are just a few of a wide number of stereotypes that are attributed to American teenagers. Parents who encourage such changes face a lot of problem. Read her articles here. They are a clear invitation for thieves, and theyve got tourist written all over them. But the thing about positive stereotypes is that they set the bar unrealistically high. Native Americans overreact to their likenesses being used in school celebrations or as team mascots.

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