elizabeth Freeman (Mumbet)

Rogers, wife of Alexander Sedgwick, born Jun. Cases are initiated in the particular court which has subject matter and geographic jurisdiction over the issues and parties involved.

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Frances Sedgwick Niebuhr, daughter of Charles. 4, 1918, died Vietnam in combat, April 1, 1970. Charles Sedgwick, son of Theodore and Pamela Sedgwick, born Stockbridge, Dec. Ellery Sedgwick, born Feb. (Back to top section C, c-1. Averill Belknap Mack, wife, March 2, 1903 - Jan. Theodore Sedgwick, son of Henry Dwight and Henrietta Ellery Sedgewick, born Stockbridge, Aug. 4, 1873 - June 10, 1942. Parker, eldest son of Samuel and Eliza Parker, Jan 22, 1839 - April 28, 1870. Butler, daughter of Elizabeth Dana Sedgwick, born Jan. "Hier Ruht" Gmilie.

The Roles of Women During The Elizabethan Era,