immigrants by Pat Mora

blue / eyes or a football and tiny cleats" (764). The idea of an American is something far from what it should. Works Cited, beaty, Jerome, and. Unfortunately, the idea of conforming to "American" culture is still something that immigrants are faced with. The parents in the poem "whisper in Spanish or Polish / when the babies sleep, whisper / in a dark parent bed, that dark / parent fear, 'Will they like / our boy, our girl, our fine american / boy, our fine american girl?" (764). By Pat Mora, immigrants, aliens and Fences, the concepts of aliens and fences are ones that we have examined already, and this poem intersects with both. The poem "Immigrants" comes from a section that deals with the idea of what it means to be American. These stereotypical examples of attempts by foreign parents to shape their child into an American serve the purpose of demonstrating how strange it is that we have this idea of a country as "the land of opportunity when most that immigrate here feel alien. After generations of immigrants flocking to the shores of the United States, one would think that the idea of what it means to be an American would have morphed into something unclassifiable, something that can only be understood as a perfect blend of one culture. In this case, "they" whose approval the parents seek are often the ones that build fences to keep members of other cultures out. As we read in the unit on Fences, different cultural groups often fence themselves off to prevent people from outside that group from coming.

Immigrants by Pat Mora
immigrants by Pat Mora

In the poem "Immigrants" by Pat Mora, this issue is explored through the use of stereotypes and the illustration provided by a foreign couple who raise their children "the American way". The poem "In Response to Executive Order 9066: All Americans of Japanese Descent Must Report to Relocation Centers" by Dwight Okita, hot dogs are employed again as a traditional "American" food that someone of Japanese descent uses to contend that she is, in fact, American. Paul Hunter writes that "the image of the typical American is no longer the northern European American; it is the new arrival, the immigrant, who is ironically the most typical" (720). They do this to try and minimize the marginalization and discrimination of their children. Pat Mora is a modern poet, a native of El Paso, Texas, who explores the theme of borderspolitical, cultural, social, emotionalin her writing. Hot Dogs and Apple Pie, the image of American food is one we've seen before. Pat Mora identifies herself as a Mexican American, and "Immigrants" describes her struggle to reconcile her two worlds.

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