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sized classrooms, much of your audience for a speech will actually be in your social zone rather than your public zone, which is actually beneficial because it helps you establish a better connection with them. The amount of distance we need and the amount of space we perceive as belonging to us is influenced by a number of factors including social norms, cultural expectations, situational factors, personality characteristics, and level of familiarity. Weve all had to get into a crowded elevator or wait in a long line. A., Nonverbal Communication: Forms and Functions (Mountain View, CA: Mayfield, 1999. So what happens when our ambition and Greed in Macbeth space is violated? A room with soft lighting, a small fountain that creates ambient sounds of water flowing, and a comfy chair can help facilitate interactions between a therapist and a patient.

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In a friendship, for example, too much touch can signal sexual or romantic interest, and too little touch can signal distance or unfriendliness. Haptics, communicating through touch is another important nonverbal behavior. Posture and gesture Is their body relaxed or stiff and immobile? Proxemics refers to the use of space and distance within communication. Personal presentation and environment refers to how the objects we adorn ourselves and our surroundings with, referred to as artifacts, provide nonverbal cues that others make meaning from and how our physical environmentfor example, the layout of a room and seating positions and arrangementsinfluences communication. Yet in Asia, this is considered highly inappropriate, as the head is considered a sacred part of the body. Consider the powerful effect that tone of voice can have on the meaning of a sentence. Smiles are powerful communicative signals and, as youll recall, are a key immediacy behavior.

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