mechanics of the Bench Press

technique, one will also recruit their triceps and front delt muscles more than they would if their back was flat on the bench. Trying to make a basic movement more athletic by hampering stability just reduces the strength you can then transfer. Other motions beyond these occurred in unloaded environments. Bodylastic for years, but, black Mountain also sells a great resistance band set. Rehabilitating an injury is one thing but other than that, in my book, there is no excuse for not using the full range of motion on your bench press. In other cases, it fails to provide any.

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Any uneven extention of the arms at the completion of the lift. In my 24 years of lifting weights and using discovering and Acquiring Online Music full range of motion in all my lifts, I have yet to have a shoulder injury caused in the gym. Consider that more injuries occur on it because more people use. You then apply this strength but practicing your sport. The person in the video below uses the proper lower body mechanics. Shoulders are on the bench. However exact rules may vary depending on what federation or organization you compete.

The, big, Bad, Bench, press!

mechanics of the Bench Press

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