overcoming my disorder

myself free, but I also discovered I am not alone. From this standpoint it made sense, but the reaction of course to Tom and his mask is understandable. People would say, "Eat a hamburger or something, you're just skin and bones or people would poke at my collarbones or shoulders and say, "You're soooo thin.". I didn't overcome my eating disorder weak and insecure, but rose above it, standing tall and beautiful. How incredibly beautiful I am, first and foremost, I am beautiful. I wont give away the ending, but needless to say the movie makes a point Disfigured, Toms life is a living hell, yet when the scars are gone his life is complete.

Expressionless, yet flawless, the mask does very little except protect his ego. At the beginning of last year I told my mom and her exact words were "You're going to die." The next day she took me to the doctor. Despite the fact that I knew I was harming my body, I still continued to eat. It made me stronger than my fears and obsessions, and for that, I am thankful. We often associate eating disorders with something to be ashamed of, or we think if someone knows our secrets, he or she will treat us differently. I could relate, after my facial laceration, i wore a facial prosthesis in the form of a bandaid for several weeks. He receives the respect and envy of his colleagues. I was scared for myself, so I decided to look up my problem on google and Pica popped. I remember thinking if I wasn't thin, I would no longer be considered beautiful.