is It Right To Take Another Life?

been doing bad stuff. There isnt any reason so big that you can kill someone Yes you are right, I agree with you god has made us he has the right to take our life,no matter whatever the reason it is not right to kill someone just because you. You would be living in guilt because of the situation you put a family or some friends. The only situation in which it would be acceptable to kill someone would be in self-defence as a last resort. If from the perspective of a Christian god than the examples laid out in the bible certainly justify. So I also agree that killing through capital punishment violates all human rights. It might not be right away however if they remain alive long enough then they will show remorse and guilt. A arguement I hear a lot is shoot them in the arm or leg. It would be completely illegal to kill someone for your needs. Nor does it take much to snap a neck.

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There jazz in the 1920s and Its influences on america are situations, however, when it does not apply. Back before such effective weaponry you had to look at them as you killed them to make sure they were dead, these days just point and fire a load of bullets. I also want to note that a large segment of our population is against capital punishment on moral grounds yet have no problem whatsoever allowing unborn children to be murdered quite indiscriminately. Yes and no, i think it goes both ways when it comes to killing. Even terrorists will hesitate when taking lives of others. Some people argue self defence, but even in these situations it is not cool to kill them. I really don't see why this is so hard to understand.