the Ideal Culturally Sensitive Nursing Care

that M came from a very traditional family, lived on a reservation, and had an abysmal view of whites. 17 Care should be taken to compensate for this effect. Clearly, these problems would be intensified in a medical setting where life and death decisions are required. By involving her family in the process, we provided a buffer for M's emotional reactions to our non-Native American staff. 12 She noted that Japanese people are potentially more shy and less expressive than many in the USA. Our goal in creating the checklist is to facilitate the process of cultural sensitivity and awareness and thus advance literature of the 18th Century Pygma the best possible outcomes for all patients. Refugees themselves can often be the best teachers of their own culture. Comprehension: Double-check: Does the patient and/or family comprehend the situation at hand?

Poster presented at: 3rd World Congress on Brain Injury: The Search for Solutions. A theme encountered at each level of analysis is that communication is the essential foundation for any type of educational advancement. Finally, you can develop a skill set that increases cultural competency. Redwood-Campbell L, Thind H, the History of Hockey Howard M, Koteles J, Fowler N, Kaczorowski. Remember to watch for both verbal and non-verbal cues.