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first things that come to mind are the. Furthermore, I see Greek people as very kind, happy and sunny personalities! Emotional, weird, hedonistic and greedy, Raido, 22, Estonia I see Greek people as quite open, passionate, emotional, curious yes? Everyone knows the word but no one knows what it means. Reputation: 120, i was friends with a Greek guy in college. Are we hedonistic and mysterious? Loud people with nice myths, they will never prosper, Edward, 24, Colombia I see Greeks as really family oriented people, they like to live in big communities and enjoy having people around.

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Advertisements, economic problems aside, Greece has always seemed to be a very attractive destination to visit and experience. I think they are open and warm hearted. What do people repentance in Scarlett Letter think about Greece and its people? One more thing, we used to always have a Greek character in our old movies who can speak Arabic and is always saying Khabebe instead of Habibi. Do the stereotypes sometimes match the experiences?, 10:53 PM, trimac20, location: The western periphery of Terra Australis 24,683 posts, read 42,341,239 times, reputation: 11862. This is not an insult to your country. Freedom and the demand for justice has been awoken, and has become the main thing in peoples minds without forgetting to dance, drink, eat and continue living with a positive mindset. We know that Greeks are very proud; of their nationality, of their history. An enigma and the embryo. I think of conservative gender roles.