personal Experience in Racism

wed, Aug 8, 6:30 pm 5 / Free for Members. The multiracial team of organizers/trainers includes more than 100 men and women whose anti-racist organizing expertise includes years with civil, labor and welfare rights struggles, educational, foster care, social service and health reform movements, as well as youth and grassroots community organizing. We celebrate differences in personal identity, family background, country and language.

Cognitive Biases, Discrimination, Heuristics, Prejudice, Stereotypes, Racism, Sexism, Self-Serving Bias, Actor/Observer Bias, Change Bias.
Race Are We So Different?
We expect people to look different.

Environmental justice is the movements response to environmental racism. Works with the Mid-South Delta Initiative, the National Network of Anti-Racist Training Institutes, and many regional groups. Thu, Aug 9, 6:30 pm 5 / Free for Members. Victoria Flexner moderates a hamilton and Burr conversation with meadmaker Raphael Lyon of Enlightenment Wines and Bushwick cocktail bar, Honeys, Tim ONeal of Borough Bees, and environmental advocate Barbara Schacker. The Peoples Institute.O.S.T. Workshop participants will: Develop a common definition of racism and an understanding of its different forms: individual, institutional, linguistic, and cultural; Develop a common language and analysis for examining racism in the United States; Understand ones own connection to institutional racism and its impact. Environmental Justice is supported by decent paying and secure jobs; quality schools and recreation; decent housing and adequate health care; democratic decision-making; and finally, personal empowerment. Looking through the eyes of history, science and lived experience, the race Project explains differences among people and reveals the reality and unreality of race. . In a conversation with Howard University professor, former editor for the. Personal experience of a human being is the moment-to-moment experience and sensory awareness of internal and external events or a sum of experiences forming an empirical unity such as a period of life. Los Angeles Times, and co-author of, the Black and the Blue, Ron Harris, Horace shares his personal experience as a black man behind the badge, and how this informs a study of institutionalized racism in American policing. This is seen today as dualism, and denying the possibility of a third thing making both experience and whatever reality its objects have, both possible.

Like a fingerprint, each person is unique. Every person represents a one-of-a-kind, combination of their parents, grandparents and familys ancestry. The Brooklyn Historical Society is a museum, library and educational center dedicated to encouraging the exploration and appreciation of Brooklyn s diverse peoples and cultures both past and present.