the Future of Electronic Commerce

general corporate network/ Threats to Data Transmission. The application invokes the Web Services published by the suppliers to get"s for that item. The baseline controls approach calls for implementing the first phase, according to standards of due diligence, basic technological and policy measures of Internet security, such as firewalls, secure protocols, employee Internet usage policies, and security management procedures (password issuing, security auditing, etc). Cringely, Robert.?A History of the Computer: Network? In this discussion, I will be focusing on the use of the Internet for business transactions. The perfect example form communication function is email. Customers register with CyberCash to set up an identity on the system and are assigned a private encryption key.

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the Future of Electronic Commerce

They will be able to package an application and embed it into another application. Leyla muradkhanova (Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan from, business to, e-Business. A customer must set up an account with First Virtual and communicates over the phone to supply credit card information and to select a secure password. Internet System The Internet developed through the 1960?s and 1970?s in a largely academic setting and emphasized connectivity as opposed to security (bulletic 4).

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Network Snooping/Packet Sniffing involves intercepting packets or messages on the Internet between the sender or source and the intended destination host. Web Services do provide a dynamic approach to integration by offering dynamic interfaces. Firewalls and the use of encryption can only protect against 80 of all security threats. At: ml, zDNet E-Commerce. Although, the Internet gave the ability for small businesses to become automated, which is advantageous for them, it also brought some costs and disadvantages, and it is facing bigger obstacles that will decide the future of electronic-commerce like government regulations.