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defeated Republican candidate Ned Sanders in 1990 and succeeded Democratic incumbent Ed Barker as the Senator representing the 18th district. Bright Futures Scholarship Program, bright Futures is the name of a scholarship program in the state of Florida. Till now Hope scholarship funds has benefited more than.2 million students in Georgia with.3 billion has already been awarded in form of scholarships and grants. The Bright Futures Scholarship was meant to emulate neighboring state Georgias hope Scholarship, originally the Program disbursed just above 42,000 scholarships for about 70 million. Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars, Requires a minimum weighted GPA.0, the Florida Gold Seal cape Scholars program funds up to 60 credit hours for a bachelor of science or bachelor of applied science program following completion of the corresponding associates degree.

To receive hope Scholarship funding, students must meet one of the following academic requirements:2. A student entering the hope Scholarship Program who meets the Georgia Residency requirements of the Board of Regents at the time of high school graduation, or equivalent. The hope Scholarship is funded by the Georgia Lottery for Education and is available to Georgia residents who have demonstrated academic achievement. Hope Scholarship recipients must have a cumulative.0 hope GPA at the end of each spring semester to continue eligibility.

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