fuel vs Electric Cars

today, it lacks an internal combustion engine and uses electricity as its fuel rather than gasoline. ICEs run on gasoline is burned internally to power the car, while EVs run on electricity. It's also a kind of electric car. The truth is, electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell cars both have the potential to be wonderfully non-polluting forms of transportation, but to make them truly green we'll need to move away from methods of producing electricity that burn fossil fuels. But yet, I don't think that's all too difficult right now with the technology that we have.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars rages. Last year, Toyota made a big announcement that they were getting closer to unveiling a hydrogen fuel cell car, calling it the "ultimate environmentally friendly car.". Electric vehicles offer a promising alternative to internal-combustion vehicles because they don't directly burn fossil fuels. They are also capable of producing instant torque and smoother acceleration than conventional cars.

In an event of a puncture due to a crash or any other reason, hydrogen won't have time to ignite and make the car burn out or explode. The electricity will mostly come from power plants that in the majority of cases are burning fossil fuels to produce that electricity and those fossil fuels will cause the same pollution that the electric car is intended to avoid. A car rated at 30 mpg will cost less money despiration in The Crucible by Arthur Miller in fuel over time than a car rated at 20 mpg. This calculator is updated regularly, and compares the cost of driving a mile on gasoline. So no matter whether you decide to buy an electric car or a hydrogen fuel cell car (though the latter isn't likely to be widely available to customers for quite a few years yet you'll be helping to save the earth's atmosphere, right? With Hydrogen Fuel Cell, the car will still have the same electric motor, but will be powered by it's own electricity generating station. The exact price difference depends on gas and electric rates where you live, plus the type of car you drive.

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