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more, as well. Factors such as negative ageist stereotypes and unique features of the older adult patient-physician interaction can result in miscommunication between physicians and patients. Components edit Further research conducted by Gallois. Giles and Wiemann (1987), Street and Giles (1982) wtawa. Immigrants edit Immigrants tend to converge according to what they perceive to be the prototypical behaviors of their new group, or according to the norms that they infer make part of their new environment. Since the aging of population is becoming a serious issue in current society, communication difficulties of older adults and issues like ageism should be addressed. For instance, as the similarity attraction theory predicts, non-native speakers (NNS) are more likely to converge towards the native speaker 's (NS) language when they identify him or her as similar to themselves: "When an NNS and an NS share important social identities, ethnic. 3 The second strategy is labelled as dependency-related over-accommodation, which refers to overbearing, excessively directive and disciplinary speech to the elderly. When her informants were asked why they had switched to the "Sharqi" variety, they all agreed it was psychologically motivating, because it allowed them to get closer to their interlocutors. "Multiple stereotypes of elderly and young adults: A comparison of structure and evaluations". There are four main socio-psychological theories: Similarity-attraction edit.

Whether you realize it or not, and it can be either conscious or unconscious, you match your accent, your speed, your rhythm, your vocabulary and even your stance and gestures to that of the person you are talking. Language: Contexts and Consequences. "Can u help me plz?

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The way that the judges, plaintiffs, and defendants accommodated themselves to both the situation and the jury could manipulate the jury's acceptance or rejection of the defendant, and could, thus, control the outcome of the case. Instant Messaging and Disruption in the Workplace". However, critics of the theory point out that conversations often seem to be too complex to be broken down into components as simple as convergence and divergence. Most of the time, the accommodation made according to those norms are perceived socially appropriate. Giles, Howard; Smith, Philip (1979). In each recording, the main researcher (referred to as BC) specifically searched for five strategies of CAT: approximation, interpretability, discourse management, emotional expression and interpersonal control. There are speech and behavioral similarities and dissimilarities in all conversations. In regards to radio broadcasting, the alliance of the audience with the broadcaster played an important part in both the ratings that the shows would receive and whether the show progressed or was cancelled.