the Human Beings

above water, and therefore any statement that is true of water is also true of H2O. Show More, origin of human being, first recorded in 185560 m Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc. Whats a natural kind? For example, if you were to say I am here, the word here names the spot where you are sitting. Some folk-categories correspond more or less precisely to scientific categories.

The Odyssey of Homer: The Cyclops of Humanity, The Extinction of Human Race,

Traditionally, humans were considered the sole recent representatives of the family. If I am right, the word human works in much the same way that these words. For an examination of human culture, see art ; cuisine ; dance ; government ; literature ; music ; sport. Or, putting the point a bit more precisely, what are we saying about others when we describe them as human? . To use a well-worn example, the folk-category water is coextensive with the scientific category H2O. The idea of man is treated in a number of articles. In addition, human beings display a marked erectness of body carriage that frees the hands for use as manipulative members.

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the Human Beings

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