mcMurphy vs. Ratched

Prison Rape : Not exactly prison, but the orderlies at the Pendleton insane asylum love to give patients showers. Billy wordt toegejuicht en lacht Ratched in haar gezicht uit. McMurphy asks who will vote for him when he brings it up again, and is in disbelief when only half agree. His ( Anti -) Villain Song is a paean to the perfect order of the stars, compared to sloppy and rebellious human beings: You know your place in the sky You hold your course and your aim, And each in your season returns and returns.

It's up to interpretation on how good or evil either group. So long as both remained in Fillory the world was stable. He too has been emasculated by Nurse Ratched, and sees McMurphy as a beacon of hope. Active Themes, bromden believes that the psych ward is a factory for the Combine.

McMurphy vs. Ratched
mcMurphy vs. Ratched

Nurse Ratched proposes that to get a good start to Monday the aides should shave Bromden. Empty Shell : Patients who are lobotomized become this. The third game brings both sides closer together on the morality scale. Players have hotly debated whether this means that Lawful Good is somehow "more good" than Chaotic Good, or whether goodness means being naturally chaotic. Shes confident that the rest of the staff will always back up her opinions, and that McMurphy wont have his way. Two games later, a downed Reaper says something similar, arguing to Shepard that harvesting organics and uploading them into new Reaper shells is the only way to "preserve" them. But Bromden senses the aide, and soon enough they discover him in the closet and take him to the shaving room. The two genders drifted apart over the years, and the Ents have since lost the Entwives completely. This is the first time that McMurphy confirms to himself that Bromden is not deaf and dumb, because Bromden reacts to McMurphys warning about Geever. Pair Kutner Defibrillator and anyone trying to deal with the subsequent mess.

She says he can take up his suggestions with the rest of the staff at another time, but shes sure theyll all agree with her because they dont have enough staff to cover two rooms. The main quest of the expansion is to bring an end to this Vicious Cycle once and for all.