problems with customer service

to the plethora of bad advice is to get specific, which is what we are doing. Why this wasnt a possibility suggested to me by the 6 people Id spoken to previously is a mystery. The first three are almost useless in telling you what to DO in tough customer situations.

This does not apply to all employees, however. It measures how consumers respond to surveys about customer service. At that point, I was pretty happy with the resolution, though I still wasnt feeling too crazy with the company and what I had to go through to get there. Update: Yesterday, I received a call from Melanie Huigen at Williams Sonoma Corporate Customer Relations. There's two types of poor advice - the sound bytes that sound good, but are not, and the incorrect ideas put forth by customer service advocates who are more interested in pushing a customer service agenda, than understanding the psychology of service, or the business. After being on hold for about 30 minutes, I finally got through to someone named Janet who was the first person to be nice to me the entire time Id been dealing with Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn Customer Service Team. It might also be helpful to put them on the other side of the counter and to see things as the person they would be serving. I got transferred to another rep who again suggested that I just drill the holes in the furniture myself.