behaviorial Management

best results. We endeavor to stay involved in our communities through membership in professional and advocacy organizations. Enlist the help of trusted family and friends in identifying strengths. Frequently experienced emotional difficulties include depression, anxiety, and mood swings.

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Individuals who have had a TBI often experience changes in behavior as well as emotional difficulties. DON'T try to convince the person to change behaviors when his/her level of emotionality is high (use distraction and wait until the person is calm before addressing the issue). Anger/ Frustration Strategies for Others When the person is angry, talk in a soothing manner. Accredited OBH programs have demonstrated that they operate above industry standards of ethical care, treatment evaluation, and risk-management practices. Anger management, impulse control strategies Emotional lability Reduced motivation/apathy Help with psychological adjustment to changes in functioning caused by the TBI. To Build Programs that are Sustainable and Contribute to the Overall Good of the Community.

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