the direction of a purchase. Edit: Oh TO hell with IT, I need this ONE in my collection! It does get sweeter, thicker with the base of labdanum that it has, quite heady and perfumey. From an era when quality was more important than price. Although it shares similar accords with the original Classique, I find them slightly different. But at the same time I don't "see" quite a few notes Fragrantica lists.

I couldn't bear the thought of this flanker going into storage every time the seasons change. You might hear from here and there that it's "only appropriate for 50", but just don't listen, go for Classique, and for the Essense flanker and shall I say the Eau Fraiche too. User reviews of Classique by Essentially Me represent the views of the credited authors alone and do not reflect Fragrantica's views. Imagine Olympea Paco Rabanne but way more balanced, less salty and more floral. There is a confusion of the notes too. Bergamot, green mandarin and petitgrain provide a subtle citrus lift. Where went Italian, Longines La Grande Classique replica goes French. Still, I felt uncomfortable wearing it after seeing his mom's bottle, so I replaced my EDT with the EDP version (they are only slightly similar, and the EDT is definitely the bolder, spicier one). Out of this world fabulous. Somewhere I smell pencil shavings too. I myself prefer using this with a light hand so that the scent gracefully the Leadership of Civil Rights Movements emanates from my warm skin with its erotic creamy-spicy-sweetness (no more than 2-3 sprays on me, and a couple sprays sprayed on my clothes the night before the last thing I'd.