the Grapes of Wrath Family

self-interest and chastises corporate and banking elites for profit-maximizing policies that ultimately forced farmers into destitution and even starvation. Tom and Casy reach the Joads' house, only to find that it has been deserted. Ma Joad refuses to leave anyone behind. Muley's own family has left to find work in California, but Muley decided to stay himself. Rose of Sharon's baby is stillborn. Work is a very noble task that all of the characters in the book know a lot about. These flyers, as Steinbeck will soon reveal, are fraudulent advertisements meant to draw more workers than necessary and drive down wages. Touched by each other's kindness, the Wilsons and Joads join forces, and the two families decide to caravan their way to California. There's no money to be had in the farming business.

They are driven off of their farm by not only the dust-bowl, but because they cant pay the mortgage to the banks, despite their hard work. Families have gathered all of their belongings, have vacated their homes (homes that have been in their families for generations and have begun to move west to California. Sairy Wilson is nearing death herself, and Ivy Wilson tells the Joads to push on without them.

The Grapes of Wrath Family
the Grapes of Wrath Family

Steinbacks Theme in Grapes of Wrath, Growing and Evolving Family Business, Importance of Family Value System,

Al seems to be knowledgeable about fixing cars, but for the most part, the only way that the Joads have, or can survive is as farmers. Ma, Pa, Rose of Sharon, Ruthie, and Winfield decide to leave the boxcar (where Al will remain with his new fiance, Aggie, and her parents, the Wainwrights and they go in search of a dry shelter. Tom and Al make friends with one of the men there who is getting ready to go north to look for jobs. The bless Me, Ultima Evaluation only people protected from the sun are the three people in the driver and shotgun seats. He vows to return to his family one day. He hitches a ride with a truck driver, who presses Tom for information until Tom finally reveals that he was just released from McAlester prison, where he served four years for murdering a man during a fight. The Joads meet a couple who've set up camp on the side of the road, Ivy and Sairy Wilson. The land however is destroyed by the dust bowl and the Joads have no place to work. Steinbeck makes a very blatant statement against the machines that came about and blamed them for much of what happens to the Joads that force them to leave the land. This is a direct statement on what the Industrial revolution was doing to America in the time period. Muley's own family left town a long while ago, but he didn't follow them.

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