why a genocide in Kosovo

leftist opposition organised street protests in Sofia over the nato bombing of Yugoslavia, the public was reportedly deeply divided because of sympathy for their fellow Slavs and Christian Orthodox Serb neighbours. During a period of two weeks, threats intensified, culminating in nato's Activation Order being given. (September 2009) Rugova's policy of passive resistance succeeded in keeping Kosovo quiet during the war with Slovenia, and the wars in Croatia and Bosnia during the early 1990s.

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This, they argued, would allow for the Christopher Hill peace process to proceed and yield a peace agreement. 65 66 The Kosovo Liberation Army disbanded soon after this, with some of its members going on to fight for the upmb in the Preevo Valley 67 and others joining the National Liberation Army (NLA) and Albanian National Army (ANA) during the armed ethnic conflict. To date theyve examined about 150 of 400 sites of alleged mass murder. Israeli's Kosovo Remarks Raise Ire April 09, 1999, tracy wilkinson, LA Times Ariel Sharon. The Clinton administration claimed that Dayton bound Yugoslavia to hold discussions with Rugova over Kosovo. 115 Weeks before the end of hostilities, David Fromkin has noted that it seemed possible that nato unity might crack before Yugoslav morale did. A b written Testimony of Ralf Mutschke Assistant Director, Criminal Intelligence Directorate International Criminal Police Organization Interpol General Secretariat before a hearing of the Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime. Yugoslavia: A Concise History. "nato Mobilizes for Attack / Yugoslavia declares state of emergency". Kosovo and the involvement of the, north Atlantic Treaty Organisation (nato ) brought the Kosovo conflict to international attention in the late 1990s. 222 The wreckages of downed UAVs were shown on Serbian television during the war.

Numerous Albanian cultural sites in Kosovo were destroyed during the Kosovo conflict (1998-1999) which constituted a war crime violating the.
A UN court in Kosovo rules that Slobodan Milosevic s campaign o f aggression against the province did not constitute genocide.
The Kosovo genocide was part of the Kosovo conflict (1998 - 99 in which ethnic A lbanians opposed ethnic Serbs and the Yugoslavian government in Kosovo.
So, is there serious evidence of a Serbian campaign of Genocide in Kosovo?