the Higher Compensations of Computer Related Jobs

(Management Information Science) or business administration, although IT skills are valuable. One group of technicians may support internal users of 3rd-party software, while another group may support internal and external users of company software. Salary range : 76-141K Suggested Degrees: Information Technology, Management. Responsible for defining, maintaining, and enforcing a project schedule; updating schedule when requirements change or project facets become overdue; keep projects on or under-budget. Database Developer Image source This role sometimes overlaps with Database Engineer or Data Warehouse Developer (see above job description) and can cover a broad range of tasks. Web Developer This is a wide-ranging role that can include front-end (Web browser: JavaScript, html, CSS and related technologies) and back-end coding, or require specialization. Eventually, they practice and master all of an electrician's main tasks. They understand the sdlc (Software Development Life Cycle budgets, project management principles, basic psychology of motivating people.

The latter role can require experience with programming/ scripting languages and/or Web or Mobile platforms. Certification may be required for some roles, depending on the networking technology used and especially if the role is significantly hands-on. Suggested Degrees: Business Administration, Finance, Accounting. Typical responsibilities/ skills; understand the sdlc (Software Development Life Cycle have broad technical knowledge of computer systems; conduct process flow analyses; transform business/ customer requirements into technical requirements (functional design document understand and have experience with databases; interact with developers and bridge different IT architect.

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The role sometimes overlaps with Network Architect roles. Certification may be required. Other requirements and responsibilities: be an evangelist for the product internally and externally where appropriate; research the market and understand what the user wants either in terms of improvements or new features; be an influential personality and possibly have an entrepreneurial mindset; be outward-facing and. This role is for a product advocate/ evangelist who works with internal sales staff and possibly offers technical consulting to potential customers prior to a sale. Salary range : 94-130K Suggested Degrees: Computer Science, Information Science, Computer Engineering. This role typically requires experience with specific ERP solutions is common Salary range : 90-125K Suggested Degrees: Computer Science, Business,.

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