debate: That GM food is unsafe for human consumption

preference for the American healthcare system over certain underdeveloped nations, host Mattoch asked. Mattoch turned. And they had faith in the truth being told for the people. Click to download.

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no need for a patent.
They cant have it both ways.
I think a corporation has every right to patent its technology.

Medical Care Reform for and Aging Society, Antigone: Laws of the Gods and Humans,

The insights ON PBS hawaii show featured four of the nations leading analysts, two pro, and two con, who debated the controversial matter most candidly. So, I say; and I worked as a missionary doctor, even though I am not a missionary. Its not a, you know, an all for life kind-of-thing, ahmm,. There are no studies that have ever been done comparing risks between unvaccinated versus vaccinated children, putting either at more or less risk,. You have to see through to the cause of the problem. And over and over and over again they keep not finding. GMOs, at least in their current state, are not the answer. In fact they conclude that NO, it doesnt seem that they should go where the United States has gone, thanks.